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Hello, it’s Cindy, and I’m thrilled you’ve decided to join us and put Minute Hook to work for you to make your lead generation a whole lot simpler! 

Minute Hook will create your lead magnets and funnels for you.  (YAY!)

HOWEVER … there’s one thing you still need –  content/articles on your blog – for Minute Hook to turn into these reports, to deliver and distribute them it needs you to have some well written articles published as posts, to distribute for you. 

AND the better the articles, the more chance you’ll have of your content being picked by our distribution partners.   

So more GOOD content is GREAT, but you also need a solid strategy…!  With this upgrade we can give you both, harnessing the power of AI. 

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Cornerstone, Cohesiveness & Consitency In A Click

Cornerstone Articles
So what’s a cornerstone article and why are they so important?

You’ve probably landed on a few of these kinds of articles after a Google search, you know the ones…

[+] they’re long – like maybe 2-5000 words long.

[+] They take an important concept in your niche and expand on it in great depth.

[+] A well written cornerstone article is packed with so much information, the reader might be thinking something like, wow – if only I could download this as a book, so I can refer to it later.

[+] It reads like a book in fact, with an index at the top of the articles, jumping to each well crafted section of this large, all encompassing article.

Google Loves Cornerstone Content

Needless to say, Google loves this kind of content.

People love finding this kind of valuable resource and when people find what they need quickly it helps Google to consolidate their position as a well trusted and reliable search engine.  

Content is KING isn’t just a catch phrase!   It’s truth.  Google WANTS to send you traffic, they want to help their audience find what they’re looking for as easily as possible. 

But what does Google love even more? Cohesiveness.

When search engine spiders are examining your website, they’re looking to see what kind of content you can provide, but also…

Is this a once-off, or is your website actually a reputable authority on the subject.

To nudge Google in the right direction we create additional content pieces within your blog that link to your cornerstone article to show that this is something worth checking out.

This cohesiveness usually takes a bit of planning and structuring, especially when you follow the third rule – consistency.

Consistency is one of the biggest challenges many marketers face.

After that buzz of excitement has faded, keeping consistent with anything that takes you a lot of work is tough…!

So most people give up before the search engines get a chance to see that you’re serious about delivering good content.

Mastering The Three C's Takes Time & Effort

Until Now - With Our Traffic Add On!

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To put your mind at ease we’re extending our 100% money back guarantee.  The core platform Minute Pop uses has been my pride and joy for many years now – so I’m truly excited to get you inside and using what I’ve created from the ground up. 

If for some reason though, you get in there and aren’t absolutely thrilled I want to hear about it..!  So please feel free to join up, try it out for yourself and you’ll see – this isn’t your average ‘online marketing’ product.  Don’t like it though, get your money back.

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