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Minute Hook Dates

Prelaunch Starts 5th April 00:01
Launch Webinar: 9th April 9am ET
Live: 9th April 10am ET
Closes: 14th April 11.59pm ET

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What Is

Minute Hook?

Minute Hook Is A World First For Easily Enticing, Capturing And Automatically Monetizing Leads

WordPress Plugin

Allows you to automatically turn your blog posts into lead magnets or ‘hooks’. Your website visitors can click a button and have copy of that article sent to their email inbox, capturing their email address and adding them to your autoresponder and/or a completely managed, monetised weekly newsletter (with your ads and branding included)

Fully Branded Viral PDFs

The plugin will automatically create stunning PDF’s adding a beautifully designed splash page, branding it with your website’s logo, links to your website, social sharing buttons and all of the content from your post wonderfully formatted and professional looking.

Content Distribution

Blog owners can choose to include their most popular articles in our content distribution network, allowing other people to give away their reports (with links to their website, their affiliate links etc)

Non-Wordpress Users

For people who don’t have a website or are complete beginners, we’ve got the perfect solution too! Members will also receive a collection of done-for-you lead magnet funnels offering regularly updated content (fresh daily!) you can give away, capture emails and put them in your own automatically managed, monetized, written for you weekly newsletters.

Everything Is Set Up Quickly And Easily - And Can Be Live In Under 1 Minute.

This is the most powerful WordPress plugin and traffic generation system your subscribers will have ever seen

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Minute Hook Works In

Just 4 Simple Steps


Activate The Plugin

Upload and connect your blog to the Minute Hook system.


Select Your CTA Button & PopUp Template

Select your look and feel of the buttons and popups that will be displayed on the website. When your website visitor adds their email, the plugin will generate a stunning PDF version of your blog’s post and deliver it to their inbox, capturing their email in the process.


Display, Publish & Distribute

Once you’ve set up how you want it to look, just let the plugin know where to display your CTA buttons. PLUS … activate the (optional) publication/distribution feature too and you can have your fully branded PDF’s shared by thousands of our existing FunnelMates members too. HUGE exposure, with just a single click!

Watch The 1 Minute Setup

Demo Video Below

Minute Hook Customers Will

Get Access To:

Members Will Receive Access To:

Minute Hook WordPress Plugin

Upload and activate, turning every post into a lead magnet AND growing your exposure in our world first content distribution network.

FunnelMates Membership

Inside our flagship platform they’ll receive 5 funnels and 5 newsletters, managed for them after a simple 1 minute setup. These funnels are brand new, created with beginners in mind to allow them to build automated email lists fast (even if they haven’t got a WordPress blog!).

Five designed, hosted & instantly live lead generation funnels

custom built for Minute Hook.

All lead magnets created and delivered, incl. followup emails and targeted promotions.

Five weekly plug and play newsletters already connected to their five funnels.

Everything is automated and live in under one minute.

Includes 12 months of DFY weekly trending/newsworthy newsletter content freshly curated each week and perfectly tailored to each of the 5 niches.

The niches of these funnel/newsletter bundles include:
Affiliate Marketing, AI Tech & Tools, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing & Website Traffic/General Online Marketing.

Minute Hook Training Zone

The training series includes a fast start option, showing setting up your system in under 1 minute, in real time.  Then the series shares some more advanced tips and strategies for making the most out of your Minute Hook system.

This additional training includes advanced strategies to grow your audience, automation systems, integration setups for easier and more profitable flows and a lot more.

BONUS: Popup Generator

(Unlocked inside the WP plugin) Connect any of your funnels or newsletters and display a popup offering your own lead magnets or targeted ones curated from our content distribution network.

BONUS: Content Locker Module

(Unlocked inside the WP plugin) Select any of your pages or posts and force people to opt in to your list before they’re able to access your content. This can work well for high level content or to deliver downloads, bonuses and more.

BONUS: Smart 404 Module

Activate this module on your blog, select the gift you want to give and list you want to add them to – it will automatically display your chosen funnel landing page to capture any potentially lost 404 error page traffic on your blog.

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Minute Hook

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Minute Hook




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Minute Hook

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That’s Up To $330.50 PLUS RECURRING
And You’ll Earn 50% Commissions Across The Entire Funnel!

6 Reasons

Why You Should Promote Us On April 9th?

I’ve done MANY multi 6 figure launches,

the funnels are always WELL planned out and exactly what your visitors will love.

The product itself is top notch
and FULLY supported.

We’ve backed our launches year in and year out with a lot of happy, satisfied customers.

We’re not launching every week.

Our next scheduled launch is 30th of July (note it down haha), but all of our effort after this launch is going to support our customers AND bring you reciprocation for your launches.

Speaking reciprocation…!

Keep me updated on your launches, I’ll always do my best to support you, jumping on leaderboards when it hits my list nice!

Our retargeting ad campaigns are OFF THE HOOK,

so when you send traffic, not a drop is wasted. We’ll keep following them until it converts.

I’m writing the sales copy myself and teaming up with the BEST team

of designers, developers, video marketing experts and more - there is NO AI involved in this sales copy, the email swipes etc. You’ll get the best and you’ll see the difference in your conversions…!

Over $5,000 In Cash Prizes

+ Surprise Contests Announced Throughout The Launch!

**Must earn the amount of the prize money per contest or we’ll distribute what you earned from the prize money. Team Allowed: Max 2 Person Per Team**.

Main Contest


1st Prize $500

2nd Prize $250

3rd Prize $100

4th Prize $50

5th Prize $25

3 Phase Prize Pool On Top


Opening Contest

1st Prize $500

2nd Prize $250

3rd Prize $100

Final 2 Days

(Closing Contest)

1st Prize $1,000

2nd Prize $500

3rd Prize $250

PLUS, We’ll Have Some Other Additional Surprise Contests So Wveryone Has A Chance To Win Something!


From 5th April 00:01 - 9th April 9am ET

(Must send minimum of 100 qualified leads to earn $0.50 a lead)

1000 Leads

$500 Bonus

500 Leads

$250 Bonus

250 Leads

$125 Bonus

100 Leads

$50 Bonus

We’ll be running an early bird webinar an hour before launch at 9am ET teaming up with the most epic webinar delivery guy in the biz – so you’re in line to score a ton of commissions when we go live.

*All sales we close on the pre-launch webinar will be counted towards the leaderboard, our webinars are proven to convert very well.

We’ll be running live webinars throughout the launch for our top JV partners, as long as you can get 50+ on live, we’ll convert them into sales, hit us up to book one in 🙂

Get Ready

For The Biggest New Release This Year!

We Go Live On
Tues, April 9th @ 10AM ET

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